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in the eyes of his followers

Yisrayl Hawkins, 62, is a successful Jewish-American author, well-known for his insight into The Holy Scriptures and ability to accurately predict future events from the inspired prophecies written in them.

Ten years prior to the signing of the Seven Year Middle East Peace Accord on September 13th, 1993, Mr. Hawkins published various articles in his monthly Prophetic Word Magazine showing proof that this event would take place. In one of his most recent books, Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust?, Mr. Hawkins speaks openly about events he says the prophecies show will come to pass in the next four years, if certain actions are not taken to prevent them.

Thousands of people, of all races, travel from all parts of the United States and other countries to learn from him three times each year. The message he proclaims is unlike any other, they say, because the inspired writings of the Scriptures are the basis of everything he teaches. The benefits and blessings they receive from practicing what he's taught them, they say, prove this fact.

His love for the written word began as a child under the guidance of his parents. His desire for and loyalty to the Scriptures came as a result of experiencing the benefits that come from practicing what they teach. Centuries of countless archeological discoveries verifying the historical accounts written in the Bible, only confirm what he already knew; that The Inspired Holy Scriptures are the most reliable source of information known to mankind.

Mr. Hawkins, the descendant of a Jewish family that fled Europe because of persecution, has spent the last 40 years of his life researching and studying the Scriptures. He began ministering full time in the early 1980s with the establishment of The House of Yahweh. From that time to the present, Mr. Hawkins has written 21 books, and 23 information booklets covering a variety of topics from health to holidays. He also writes and publishes a monthly magazine and newsletter, and appears almost every day on over 100 cable television stations throughout the United States.

As one who is dedicated to promoting world peace and the well being of all peoples, all of his work is designed to educate the public about the peaceful way of life shown in the inspired Scriptures, so that the consequences that come from rejecting that way can be avoided. "World peace," he says, " is a matter of international education. In order to have true peace, people must be taught the ways of peace, not war." He is currently planning to meet with religious and governmental leaders in the United States and Israel to discuss the solutions he can prove are guaranteed to solve every individual, national and world problem we face today, and the prophesied first step toward accomplishing this goal: the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.




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