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Inside Landmark Forum (transcript)

Article Index
Inside Landmark Forum (transcript)
Beginning of Programme
First Day at Landmark
Pieces A Conviction Studio Discussion
An Under-Reported Company
Pieces A Conviction Studio Discussion
Second Day at Landmark
Pieces A Conviction Studio Discussion
Third Day at Landmark Education
Tuesday Night (final evening)
Pieces A Conviction Studio Discussion
The Infiltration

"Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus", originally known in French as "Voyage Au Pays Des Nouveaux Gourous".

This is an English transcript of this France 3 documentary about Landmark Forum.  The transcript is taken from the sub-titles on the video of the documentary. 

Use the article navigation panel on the right to move to each section of the documentary, or view the video itself.  The information below is from the summary of all persons appearing in the documentary.

Also, click here for more content on Landmark Education and EST .

France 3
Pieces a Conviction
Incriminating Evidence
"Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus"
“Voyage au Pays des Nouveaux Gourous”
May 24, 2004

Aired to approximately 1.5 million viewers in France
Directed by Karima Tabti
65 minutes (“Part One”)
French with English subtitles

Pieces a Conviction staff

Elise Lucet, Host/Moderator
Laurent Richard, investigative reporter, narrator
Pascal Richard, Lionel de Coninck, editing

Expert commentators

Jean-Pierre Jougla, Attorney, Vice President, UNADFI
Jean-Marie Abgrall, Psychiatrist
Jean-Pierre Brard, Deputy Mayor, Montreuil, France
Christian Lujan, Social psychologist, Psychoanalyst
Mona Vasquez, former member of Scientology

Landmark Education staff

Alain Roth, Landmark Education, head France, Forum Leader
Sophie McLean, Landmark spokesperson, Forum Leader

Landmark Education participants

Jocelyne Berthelot, Landmark volunteer
Laurent Mournais, former Landmark student
Brigitte Thelier, former Landmark student
Pierre, anonymous former Landmark student