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Landmark Education reply to France 3 documentary

In response to concerns by Landmark Education regarding the France 3 documentary "Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus", CAIC has offered Landmark Education a right of reply.  The content below is from Landmark Education in response to this offer.



The following is our Reply to CAIC’s posting of the France 3’s television program Pièces à Conviction that aired on May 24, 2004:

We appreciate CAIC’s willingness to ensure that this video posting of a France TV3 program and transcript are balanced as there are serious claims made in this video that are inaccurate, and in many cases, totally unfounded and biased.

Landmark Education is a sixteen year-old international educational company. It is one of the largest personal training and development companies in the world, delivering programs for nearly one million people in over 20 countries worldwide.

Landmark Education’s programs provide people with new tools to affect significant change in their lives in the areas of effectiveness, relationships, communication and productivity. Landmark Education programs have been observed and studied by top health professionals and educators around the world. In 2006, Harris Interactive®, one of the largest and most respected market research firms in the world, conducted an independent survey on behalf of Landmark Education of health professionals and educators who had observed and participated in Landmark Education’s programs. The results show an overwhelming 94% agree that Landmark Education’s programs are professionally conducted and provided great value.

This TV3 program about Landmark Education was prompted by a 1995 Commission established by the French Parliament which considered the issue of organizations in France that they felt were either possible sects or potentially had sect-like aspects. The Commission prepared and issued a List of over two hundred organizations, which included Landmark Education, without providing Landmark Education with an opportunity to present to the Commission the facts that make it clear that Landmark Education is not a sect or sect-like, even though the opportunity to present these facts to the Commission was supposed to have been offered to Landmark Education. After being informed that the List was published, Landmark Education contacted the French Government to request the removal from the List. However, Landmark Education was advised that it could not be removed from the List. since the Commission was dissolved after the List was published and there was no Government entity that could rectify the error.

As for the TV program itself, France 3 did not present to its viewers an honest and professional piece of journalism and in our judgment they never intended to present a fair and balanced program about Landmark Education. France 3 used none of the vast amount of information it was offered from highly respected experts and others participants regarding the safety and benefits of Landmark Education’s programs. In addition, they violated the personal rights of people who were covertly filmed using hidden cameras. The TV3 program asserted that Landmark Education’s programs are harmful and showed a woman in the course, claiming she was verbally abused in the course. However, after seeing the TV3 program, the woman felt that her experience had been totally taken out of context and purposely used to create a sensational and misleading view of the course. She made the following statement about the footage:

“My face is hidden but the voice is not masked. I feel betrayed by this journalist who did not respect the confidentiality requested in the program. And moreover, having only shown part of the conversation that we had, he induces conclusions and therefore I feel manipulated. In this conversation, shown on the video, while seemingly difficult, I have taken out a great benefit. This conversation allowed me to live better and have a better relationship with my daughter. And I owe it to the conversation we had during The Landmark Forum.”

Over 40,000 health professionals and educators have taken our programs. In fact, in the Harris survey of health professionals and educators that personally participated in the course, virtually all of them (96%) said they received great value.

The reality is that the vast majority of the participants that were in the Landmark forum that was shown in part on the TV3 program were shocked to have been so badly misrepresented. They witnessed first hand an inaccurate representation of what actually took place. 

These unfounded accusations are directly addressed by data and conclusions of top experts from around the world who have studied the programs of Landmark Education and concluded as follows:

Dr. Norbert Nedopil, Head of the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Munich, did a Study in 1996 of Landmark Education and concluded that he "could not discern any form of behavior which would put The Landmark Forum near a so-called [psycho] sect. On the basis of empirical investigation, it can be said that to the largest extent, Landmark Education does not present risks to the health, free will and legal integrity of its participants.” Dr. Nedopil further said that "there is no evidence that The Landmark Forum is harmful.”

Dr. Raymond Fowler, Ph.D, retired CEO of the American Psychological Association, in a Report which reflected his own opinion, said "In my opinion, The Landmark Forum is not a cult or anything like a cult, and I do not see how any reasonable, responsible person could say that it is.” In response to the French Government having placed Landmark Education on the sect List Dr. Fowler said, “As an expert in this area, I am certain that once the French Government has the opportunity to look closer at this matter, they will conclude that Landmark Education was wrongly included on their list of sects.” Dr. Fowler also said “I saw nothing in The Landmark Forum that I attended to suggest that it would be harmful to any participant.” 

As an international company, Landmark Education is committed to understanding and being responsible for different local laws, business practices and criticisms. However, the statements made in the TV3 program damaged the credibility of Landmark Education and the nearly one million people who have participated in its courses with inaccurate and untrue statements. The facts regarding the Landmark Forum and the benefits that the vast majority of participants experience through the course differs significantly from the unsubstantiated claims made on the TV3 program. Independent surveys of our customers report that over 94% of Landmark Education’s customers say that “The Landmark Forum has made a positive, profound and lasting difference in their lives.”

For more information about Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum, and to view clips from the course itself, go to http://www.landmarkeducation.com.