The Guest Night

During the guest night the graduates of the previous course are led off into a separate room while their  "guests" or 
recruits" are given a sales pitch. This is likely to include information on how the course is a caring experiential
ducational seminar. There may also be a lecture on  simplistic psychology of how one forms childhood beliefs that
imit the  possibilities. There is the pie chart: these are the things you know you  know, these are the things
ou know you don't know, the rest are the  things you don't know you don't know, and that is where the possibilities  are.

 There may also be some very simple awareness games such as  the nine dots or other clever games. These are conducted in a friendly atmosphere to make the guests feel at ease about the organization. No  information is given about the intensity of the courses nor is there any  effort to screen participants. Sales are the name of the game.

 During the sales pitch there are previous graduates of advanced courses  who stand up and share on cue on how the course has made a difference in  their lives. These graduates are also there to help do one on one selling  of the course to the guests.

 Meanwhile in the other room the graduates of the previous "Basic" weekend are given a sales pitch on signing up for advanced courses and are also sharing their euphoria. The staff pull out all the stops to enroll them. They are told that the good feelings will not last unless they take advanced courses. There may be offering of "discounts" to those who "sign up tonight". Many people are so euphoric from the Basic that signing them up  is a piece of cake.

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