Day 4 Sunday - Graduation
We were told to attend the fourth day being "dressed for success". 
There was dancing when we came in as well as after each break. We 
had been given homework to do a "completion" or reconciliation of a 
past relationship. People shared their experiences of contacting 
parents and other relatives to heal old wounds. There was also 
sharing from the "hold-backs" or people who needed further catharsis.
Much of the morning focused on goal setting. An exercise was 
performed where we were to visualize and write goals for 10 years, 5 
years, 2 years, 1 year, 1 month, 1 week. After this we did an 
exercise where we were given two weeks to live and were to write 
goals for that.
During the lunch break we were given an exercise to give hugs to 
strangers and perform random acts of kindness. After we came back 
the numbers of hugs and acts of kindness were tallied.
During the afternoon there was a sales pitch for the advanced 
course. It was presented like the good feelings we had would not 
stick and we would fall back into our old ways of doing things 
unless we signed up for advanced. We were also asked how many people 
we would bring to the Tuesday night guest event. There was an 
exercise where one is to define what one stands for. Share your 
stand with the other participants.
The Graduation - At the end of the day is a candle lighting ceremony 
where the trainer lights her candle and then lights the staff's 
candles. The staff then lights the candles of the participants. At 
the end is an emotional reunion with friends and family members who 
have come to the graduation. It seems like all the trauma and 
catharsis is somehow magically forgotten.

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