Spiritual Abuse in the Church

Churches and Christian Organizations listed here are among those that we and others have received inquiries and/or compaints about. We have listed the information to make vulnerable people aware of some of the problems they can encounter in SOME churches and organizations. We ask Church leaders to consider prayerfully what is on these pages that they may not fall into using the same manipulative practices the cults use. Any who find they are using these tactics we pray they will cease doing so and again walk the path of the servant leader. It is our experience that the majority of Christian church leaders do their best to be caring and supportive. Those using cultic tactics in their churches only serve to bring ill repute on the Church and its message as a whole.

 So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs (Matthew 10:26-27).

11 Marks of Perverted Authority
ABERRANT CHRISTIANITY: What is it?  By Pat Knapp
Abusive Churches  by Pat Zukeran
University of East London Chaplaincy Article on 'Spiritual Abuse'
Spiritual Abuse in our Churches by a former Moonie
Spiritual Abuse  by David Henke
Touch Not Mine Anointed By John R. Anderson         
To Judge Or Not To Judge: The Rights And Wrongs Of Biblical Discernment by G. Richard Fisher  
They Told Me If I Left .......... by Ron Henzel  
There Ought To Be A Law.....Or Should There?  by G. Richard Fisher
Characteristics of Abusive Churches   
Spiritual Pride  by Richard Lovelace   
Is Your Church Free From Cultic Tendencies? by Ron Henzel   
Controlling Behaviour: Public Enemy Number 1!! By Kurt R. Howland   
The Signs Of Spiritual Abuse by Steven Lambert, ThD
Authoritarianism in The Church by Steve Martin
Cult or Practicing Religious Freedom? Deaths of Children!!!
The Bible and Spiritual Abuse by Ron Henzel
Identifying an Abusive Church
Avoiding Churches that Abuse
Cultism Within the Church By T Pierce Brown
Faith Tabernacle: Lives Cut Short!
Christian Fellowship Church - Cape Cod: Is It A Cult?
Is Your Church Free from Cultic Tendencies
Christians Criticizing Christians -Can It Be Biblical? By Bob and Gretchen Passantino
The Cult Church By Marlene Jones-Skurtu
This Cage of Ours By Marc Angelucci
Personality and Emotional Disorders Resulting from Spiritual Abuse
Dependent Relationship Clusters
A Child Dies from Cancer
"My Involvement With Destructive Abusive Churches"  By Wanda Mason
Eight Distinctives Of An Aberrational Christian Group
Encouragement For Those Who Are Hurt  by Calvin Arnt
Truth and Consequences: Exposing Sin in the Church By Bob & Gretchen Passantino
FALSE LEADERS  Very long but well worth reading-Answers a lot of questions about Authority
How the Christian Church Guilt-Trips Survivors  ByFred Keene
The Hierarchy of Discipling Churches By Flavil R. Yeakley Jr.
An Intelligent Faith or "Don't check your brain at the door" by Kerry Gilliard
Anti-Intellectualism,Legalism, and the Cults By Gary F. Zeolla
Elements of Spiritual Abuse
Uncovering Churches that Abuse People by Ronald Enroth,
THE SALVATION BURGER WAR by Mike Picket   (aka Glacier Gruff)
A HEALTHY CHURCH   by David A. Burnet
Recovery from Spiritual Abuse  By Eric Merril Budd
How Spiritual Abuse Redefines "Love"  By Mark Tabladillo
Responsible Spiritual Leadership
Have You Been or Are You in a Spiritually abusive Group? Take The Self Quiz
Abuse of Authority by Leadership   By Peter Openshaw
Personal account of ex-member   By Carolyn Williams
A Shepherding Group in our own back yard
Union City Minister shot - Ex-congregant Held
Abuse of Authority by Leadership   By Peter Openshaw
Stomping Satan with Style: How Christians Get Their Rhetorical Kicks   By Jon Trott
Recovery From Spiritual Abuse - How You Can Help By Sharon Hilderbrant
The Discipling Dilemma - Chap 1  by Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.,
The Transition from Law to Grace
Tithing: What does the Bible Teach - Often used to 'fleece the flock'.
Leadership in the church  by Paul Winslow
Healthy Faith Vs Unhealthy Faith   by Jan Groenveld
WARNING Signs of a Destructive Bible-Based Group   
Leaving The Fold  by Marlene Winell


How You Can be Manipulated and Abused   by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
Whose Will Is It?   by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
Control In Black And White  by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
Beyond Accountability  by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
The Discipleship Disaster by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
The Language Of Enslavement   by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
Authority Unlimited  by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
How to Obtain Twisted Scriptures by Mary Alice Chrnalogar

YWAM - Youth With a Mission

A Healing Letter to a Y.W.A.M. Friend
Abuse of the Web by Jim Steir from YWAM
Concerns After Investigation by Rick Ross

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