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Religious Group Probed in Child's Disappearance

Missing children reveals insular sect in Attleboro
DSS takes steps toward cult kids' custody
New search fails to find missing boys
Missing child believed starved to death, official says
Ex-member of accused cult says he's been spied on
Hunt for Attleboro cult kids to resume in Maine
Three more cult members held for refusal to testify
Missing Mass. boys were cremated and their ashes believed to be in Maine
Prosecutors vow no let-up in Attleboro cult probe
Cops dig up man's yard for bodies
 Waco - A Bio of David Koresh
The raid, the siege and the aftermath of Waco
Tales from the cult
Cult probers fume over group's silent treatment
Sect arrests yield few clues in case
Sect Members Jailed in Boys' Case
Cultist's infant son officially ruled dead
All parents in sect lose custody of children
Cultist's infant son officially ruled dead
Former Attleboro sect member given custody of his children
Cult wants total control
Attleboro group not the first questioned
Cultists convinced only God will provide
Cult expert explains Attleboro sect
SJC to rule on cult mother case
Court action planned against cult member
Judge turns down move to lock up pregnant sect member
Sect member ordered into custody
Cultist vows to defy judge
DA: Save that baby: Walsh wants cultist to give birth in custody
Pregnant sect member avoids jail
Attleboro cult mother's newborn taken by DSS

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