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General Information for the identifying marks of a destructive cult.

      Our definition of a cult and/or spiritual abuse is based on behaviour and not theology (which is actually the field of apologetics).  However, we must of necessity include bible-based or doctrinal discussions when dealing with the bible-based cults because their interpretation of the bible is part of the controlling factor. For in-depth theological discussions go to Theological Issues

Apocalyptic Cults       Sept 2002
            Branch Davidians - Koresh, Peoples Temple - Jonestown, Aggressive Christianity, Missions Training Corps, etc
Attleboro Community       
Bruderhof Community    
Branhamism - William Branham   
Community Chapel       Sept 2002
Christian Science - Mary Baker Eddy   
Children of God - AKA The Family 
Cooneyites (Nameless House Church or 2x2s)
Exclusive Brethren   
Faith Assemblies - Hobart Freeman    
Garbage Eaters   
House of Yahweh
International Church of Christ (Boston Movement)   
Jehovah's Witnesses  
Jesus Christians  
Local Church of Witness Lee   
Little Pebble       
Miscellaneous Bible Based Groups   
            John Robert Stevens, Church of the Firstborn, KKK, AA, Jesus Army etc etc
Mormons(Latter Day Saints)  
Potters House  
Revival Centres International   
Seventh Day Adventistism   
Spiritual Abuse in the Church         Sept 2002
12 Tibes Missions - AKA - Messianic Communities   
The Walk of John Robert Stevens
Unification Church (Moonies)   
United Pentecostal Church   
Way International  
Worldwide Church of God - Armstrongism & Offshoots  

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