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Brethren - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Exclusive Brethren Synopsis
The Exclusive Brethren - John Nelson Derby 
The Plymouth Brethren  
Leaving EG? Some Self Help Books
Beliefs and Morals Among the Taylorites
Is Apocalyptic Religion Bad for America? 
Big Jim Taylor, Leader Of Sect
Concerning Cults: Exclusive Brethren Taylorites
Sect finds mark of Antichrist in EC  
Darby's Place in Fundamentalism's History  
The Exclusive Brethren  - Toronto Daily Star
House of Commons, 30 March 1999 
John Nelson Darby Pictures  
Editorial by David Lange  
Nick Smith Speech in NZ Parliament 
Sect 'sinner' wins custody fight for son  
Roots of Hendricks' religion traced 
Dad who paid heavy price for DIY tragedy
Bizarre Religious Sect Drove Man to His Death  
Father Ostracised by Sect Axed Family to Death
Darby influenced Scofield and through Scofield bible - pre-tributional view became accepted.  
Cult of no personality 
Sect leavers 'have mental problems'
Wrongful Expulsion From The Exclusive Brethren
"THE BRETHREN": A Current Sociological Appraisal 
Taylorite Exclusive Brethren 
The Treatment of women 
Love saved me from life as a prisoner of a desperate religious sect  
Woman 'lost job because she planned to marry' 
Beyond reason - his strict religious beliefs were driving them apart  
Suffer the Little Children 
The Priests Are After Us! 
Public school district supports segregated program 
No sex please, we're Brethren
Electronic age brings on sinfulness,
Sect Bans Its Schoolchildren from 'Satanic' Computers
Sect 'has no right to veto school TV'
Sect Children Taken Away From Schools  
Brethren seek bar on unions in workplace 
Council digs in against sect
Hunte: Ban Closed Brethren
What a 'Unholy' Battle Residents and Church Groups Clash Over Land  
Meeting Room Construction    

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