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Children of God
AKA The Family, Heaven's Magic

The Children of God - Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
The Children of God
The Children of God and "Christians" in Australia
Ben's Demons
Answering their "Law of Love:
The Bermuda Triangles of our Lives
My Experience in The Children of God
Signs and Symptoms of Potential Child Maltreatment
(And how it may relate to the Family/Children of God)
The Judgment of Lord Justice Ward
A May 1995 child custody court case judgment involving the cult the Children of God, a.k.a. The Family.
ZIP FILE of The Judgment of Lord Justice Ward
"God is a Pimp"
Marlene***'s (Faithful Little One's)  Story -
Inside the "Heavenly Elite":
The Family of "Love?" by Ruth Gordon,
Children of Darkness by Ruth Gordon,
Family Values
The Children of God
Press Release re: The Children of God  by David Millikan
Those Cultists Could Be Your Kids   by Marlene Jones-Skurtu
The Cult Church  by Marlene Jones-Skurtu
The Children of God/The Family  By Craig Branch
Heaven's Gate: Sign of the Times  by Marlene Jones-Skurtu
From Merry  ("Mene Mene")
Moses David: A False Prophet
NO LONGER CHILDREN   by David Hiebertby
Revolution for Jesus
Vital Information about The Family
Watchman's Story
Watchman's Story - A Sad End
Why David Berg Is NOT God's Endtime Prophet
'The Family' and Final Harvest
History of the Jesus Movement

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