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Many argue that there is no such thing as False Memory Syndrome. It doesn't appear in the DSM IV - the Diagnostic manual for psychological and psychiatric disorders. This is a fallacious argument. Once upon a time MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder) did not appear in the DSM. It is there now. One day False Memory Syndrome will appear in the DSM, albeit maybe under a better name. Meanwhile, people do develop "memories" of events they have never experienced and they do truly believe they have experienced these events.
Call it false memories; call it delusions, call it confabulations - it exists.
A rose by any other name ....is still a rose

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Facts about Recovered Memory Therapy
Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memoriesby John Hochman
The Reality of Illusory Memory by Elizabeth Loftus & others
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Multiple Personality Disorder by Paul McHugh  

Book Reviews

Book Review of the Book Victims of Memory
Book Review of The Myth of Repressed Memory
Book Review of Psychology Astray: Fallacies in Studies of Repressed Memory"        
           and Childhood Trauma

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Book Review of Smiling Through Tears 
BookReview : TALK OF THE DEVIL by Richard Guilliatt
My Story Starts on Page 239 (see above)

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 Bibliographies of  Research about Memories and Ritual Abuse

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