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Landmark Education wrote to me, objecting because I have these articles listed on this site. They claim that they are not a cult and therefore demand that they be removed for this reason. This I will not do. I have a disclaimer posted on this site which clearly states my position regarding the organizations listed. Most of the articles regarding Landmark/Forum/EST are anecdotal - subjective experiences of others who have been through the Landmark/Forum/EST experience. They are provided to give an alternate viewpoint to that found on their own website.

I reiterate what is said on our opening page: Just because a group is mentioned on this site does not mean we regard it as a destructive cult.  Both Cults and Isms are listed to provide information for those seeking the downside of many of these movements. If the writers of the articles refer to Landmark as a cult, we take no responsibility for this.  It is the opinion of the writers based on their own personal experience.

Part 1 Of a Discussion on AOL
Part 2 Of a Discussion on AOL
Cults & Psychological AbuseMy Experience in the Forum by James B Endres
Landmark Education by Andy Testa
Mellow Out Or You Will Pay  - 1980 Article is very informative of what it was like back then.
The Forum: Cult or comfort? Does the training get people so hooked on the experience as to make them
          dependent on Landmark and thus engage in cultlike behavior is an open question for some.
The Con-Forumists  
"Landmark Forum is a very aggressive and selfish program" - The Landmark people called me again and again.
           I felt they were very aggressive and annoying.

Mind game courses aimed at public sector workers  - "Three days ....(at) Landmark Education, left him
          questioning everything including his relationship with his wife and his work."

There's no meeting of the Minds.  - When it comes to Landmark Education Corporation,
Soul Training  - Another Landmark experience
"Not interested in people--but only money"  - Just a short story about my "Landmark" experience.
"The Structure: First Sights Of The Forum "  - An excerpt from "The Children of est: A study of the Experience
          and Perceived Effects of a Large Group Awareness Training (The Forum)"
"The Forum Begins: The Curriculum and Pedagogy"  - An excerpt from "The Children of est: A study of the
           Experience and Perceived Effects of a Large Group Awareness Training (The Forum)"


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