Hi. I am Jan Groenveld. Since 1979 I have been involved in providing information and education about cults and isms, supporting families and former members and helping families trying to keep communications open with a loved one in a cult.

Why do I do this? After 15 years wandering through the world of the cults, including time in both Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses, I finally realized that I was being controlled rather than controlling my own life. I found myself alone with no access to information that would help me recover. I resolved then to make it easier for others than it was for me and my family. When I left, there was no one to talk to about my experience who understood .... life was very lonely and frightening at times.

Oh yes, if you are European and wondering, I am a grandmother (Oma) ......... "Jan" is a girls name here

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This page is dedicated to the memory of our Grand-daughter

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  This page was dedicated on Nov 15 th 1996.

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