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Jesus Christians aka The Mackay Group

Sinister groups that take over the lives of their disciples
Cult 'Prepared to Give Up' Teenager
Cult Denies 'Brainwashing' Boy
Cult Leader Defies Bid To Track Down Bobby
We Don't Have Missing Boy, Says Cult Leader
Missing Boy - We'll Go To Court, Says Cult Chief
Cult Kidnap Boy Aged 16
Search For Missing Cult Boy
Cult Moves Boy From Surrey
Police find sect boy at woodland camp
Cult boy Bobby tried to recruit 12-year-old best friend
UK cult members sentenced over missing teenager
Bobby come home, says British judge
UK boy wants to stay with religious sect for life
Jesus Christians speak out
Mother slates police for not preventing her son going off with religious cult
Blood sacrifice - Part 1 of 2
Blood sacrifice - Part 2 of 2
The teenage runaway rebuilding his life after abandoning religious cult
Nomadic sect accused of brainwashing children


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