Psychological Issues

Psychological Processes Operative in Spiritual Movements
Brainwashing, Thought Control & the Cults
Hypnotic Language Patterns Used by Cults
8 Marks of a Mind Control Cult
Regarding Exit Counselling - Glen McClelland
Deprogramming & Exit Counselling: Are they for Christians?
Social Psychology And Group Dynamics by Jan Groenveld
Mind Control
Discussion about Mind Control
Myths About Mind Control
Deception, Dependency & Dread by Michael Langone
Cult, Hypnosis & Thought Reform
Cognitive Dissonance - Quote from Basic Psychology (1983)
Evaluating a Group for Mind Control by Steven Hassan
Characteristics of a Destructive Cult
3 Ways a Cult Gains Control
Dr. Margaret T. Singer's 6 Conditions for Thought Reform
The "Not Me" Myth: Orwell & the Mind by Margaret Thaler Singer
Biderman's Chart of Coercion
Is it A Destructive Cult?
A Short Review of Academic Research Into Cults by Jeff Jacobson
The Psychology of Getting In and Out of the Watchtower by Jay Hess
The Introduction of Phobias and Other Development Traits in the Jehovah Witness Child by Randall Watters

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