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The Total Freedom Trap  By Jon Atack
The Mind Benders  By Cyril Vosper


Hubbard - The Founder Of Scientology  - Chap 6 of the Anderson Report, Victoria, Australia
Association between Dianetics and Scientology -  Chap 10 of the Anderson Report, Victoria, Australia
Hypnosis Practices of Scientology  -   Chap 18 of the Anderson Report, Victoria, Australia
Healing claims of Scientology  -   Chap 19 of the Anderson Report, Victoria, Australia
Dangers of Coercian  -   Chap 24 of the Anderson Report, Victoria, Australia
Family Discord -  Chap 26 of the Anderson Report,Victoria, Australia

Affidavit of Margery Wakefield
Affidavit of Hana Whitfield

An Experimental Investigation Of Hubbard's Engram Hypothesis   (Dianetics) by Jack Fox,         Alvin E. Davis, and B Lebovits
The Hubbard Is Bare By Jeff Jacobson

Overview Of Scientology By Dr Lois J West
Psychiatry And Scientology  By Dr Lois J West
CCHR And Narconon  By Dr Lois J West
Scientology & Apatheid In South Africa
The Scientology Stare
Truth about L Ron Hubbards Academic Status
Claims That Scientology Can Raise The Dead!
What Scientology Doesn't Want You To Know By Jeff Jacobson
A Statement By Gerald Armstrong
Forced Abortions In Scientology
How Scientology Handles Illness
The Exit-Counselling Of Glen Mclelland
Inside The Cult Adelaide, Australia
They Say They Stopped Fair Game - Did They?
Prevention Magazine's Investigation
Prisoners Of Saint Hill
Spies And All That Stuff
A New Psyco-Coersive Technology By Larry Wollersheim
Coercive Persuasion And Scientology
Be Like Tom Cruise?????
Hubbard On Christianity & god
Cult Accused Of Intimidation
Intimidation In The Workplace
International Social Control By The Church Of Scientology- By Stephen Kent
The Cult:A Search For Answers  By Dennis Erlich
Scientology, A Coercive Psychological System
         Criteria For Determining If A Group Is A Dangerous And Destructive Cult

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